Apply for a sub-license for your business

Sublicense Service (License Service) was born to provide full support for businesses (companies) in applying for business licenses for conditional business lines, including consulting regulations, drafting documents, carrying out procedures at competent state agencies, monitoring the processing of records, receiving and delivering service results to customers.

As a pioneer in providing sub-license services, with many years of experience and enthusiastic staff, HappyTax always meets all requirements of customers.

In order to complete the registration procedure for a sub-license quickly, accurately and without wasting time and effort, you can contact us so that we can act as the representative of your business. paperwork business

Sublicense services include the following:

  • Consulting and supporting businesses on legal regulations on application procedures
  • Consulting and supporting businesses with the conditions and information that need to be met for registration procedures
  • Advice and support on how to apply for a license and step-by-step procedures to apply for a child license
  • Actively draft relevant documents to assist corporate customers in completing registration documents
  • Act as an authorized representative on behalf of corporate customers to submit documents at the competent authorities.
  • After receiving the authorization of the corporate customer, we have the task of monitoring the registration results at the authorities and receiving the results and then handing them back to the customer.

Sub-license service at HappyTax:

  • Certificate of qualified establishments for food safety
  • Certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions
  • Apply for a fire protection license – Fire protection license service
  • Apply for a work permit
  • Cosmetics publication license/Cosmetic publication service
  • Apply for a license to publish functional foods / Service announcement of functional foods
  • Apply for a product license
  • Barcode registration service
  • Apply for a license to set up a language-informatics center
  • Support service for making criminal record declaration

Above are the Sublicense Services / License Services at HappyTax to provide full support for customers.