Currently, Enterprises often declare themselves or hire less experienced accountants to reduce costs, but face many difficulties when tax authorities inspect and finalize taxes. With the criterion: “Minimizing risks and costs for businesses“, Happy Tax provides accounting services. Supporting businesses in tax procedures throughout the process of establishment and operation, helping businesses feel secure to develop their business.


  • Advising on procedures and state regulations on the areas in which businesses operate;
  • Guiding and implementing tax declaration for newly established enterprises, including: Submission of license fee declarations, payment of license tax, registration of information exchange with tax authorities; Register for a bank account, register for electronic tax payment, Invoice issuance notice, Work directly with the tax authority on behalf of the business.


Contents of the package of tax accounting services include:

  • Consulting and perfecting the accounting book system for enterprises, advising on how to keep accounting books and documents in accordance with current laws;
  • General advice on preliminary knowledge for businesses related to value added tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax;
  • Consulting on financial strategy planning, reasonable cost balance in business activities of enterprises;
  • Representing businesses to work and explain to state agencies.

Monthly and quarterly work

  • Receive invoices and vouchers from enterprises, advise on the reasonableness, validity and legality of arising documents;
    Completing documents and accounting for arising operations to balance VAT, PIT, import and export, debt situation for enterprises;
  • Declare and submit value added tax reports;
  • Declare and submit reports on the use of invoices;
  • Declare and submit personal income tax reports (if there is a withholding of personal income tax in the period);
  • Pay provisional CIT.

Year-end work

  • Preparation and submission of financial statements and finalization of personal income tax and corporate income tax;
  • Print and complete the book system according to the regulations to hand over to the enterprise.

If your business has difficulties in declaring and carrying out tax procedures, please contact Happy Tax for the fastest and most accurate tax accounting service support!

Why should you use tax agency translation, accounting Happy Tax Law?

Tax agency service is a less popular concept compared to accounting and auditing services but plays an important role, as a bridge between tax authorities and taxpayers; supporting and creating favorable conditions for taxpayers to comply with tax laws; reduce costs in terms of time and resources for both tax authorities and taxpayers in tax law enforcement.

So what is a Tax Agent?

Tax agent is a unit that provides services to carry out tax procedures, is an enterprise that fully meets the conditions for doing business in tax procedures according to the provisions of the Law on Tax Administration and other laws. other provisions of relevant laws.

So what are the advantages of tax agency services? What practical effects will the use of tax agency services bring to businesses?

Professionalism, profession

Tax agency is a conditional business. Before operating, a tax agent must carry out procedures to apply for a Certificate of eligibility to conduct business in tax procedure services and tax agent employees must have a certificate of tax procedure service practice issued by the General Department of Taxation. Department of Taxation.

Therefore, tax agents are fully qualified and skilled, avoiding tax risks.

Take responsibility, minimize tax risks for businesses

Circular 51/2017/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance stipulates:

Tax agents are responsible for declaring, signing and stamping on tax declarations, tax records, tax payment vouchers, tax finalization dossiers, tax refund dossiers, tax exemption and reduction dossiers according to the provisions of the Law. Tax administration and is responsible for providing accurate and timely at the request of tax administration agencies documents and vouchers to prove the accuracy of tax declaration, tax payment, tax finalization, proposal number exempted tax amount, reduced tax amount, refunded tax amount of the taxpayer.

In case the tax agent acts in collusion with the taxpayer or commits acts of tax evasion, understatement of tax or violates tax procedures, the taxpayer shall still be responsible before law for the contents of the tax agency. above error. Tax agents must be jointly responsible and liable for compensation to tax payers under contracts signed with tax paying organizations and individuals.

Enterprises are assured of production and business

When using a tax agent, businesses will be very convenient in terms of tax declaration and refund procedures in accordance with the provisions of the tax administration law. All tax related formalities will carry out the tax process agent. The company must not lose time and human resources in carrying out tax declaration, collection and refund procedures.

This has great implications for Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Large Enterprises. Using tax agency services will help businesses have time, without having to worry about tax laws, or tax regulations for businesses to focus and focus on business.

Cost savings

The cost of using tax agency services is lower than using accounting services, or hiring an experienced accountant to do tax declaration procedures.

So, why should you use Happy Tax service?

According to statistics in 2019 of the General Department of Taxation, there are more than 500 tax agents nationwide. Happy Tax is proud to be able to provide tax services and business support to many large and small businesses across the country, especially in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

In addition to the general benefits of using tax agency services, businesses using Happy Tax services also enjoy many other benefits such as:

  • Enjoy preferential treatment when using prestigious legal consulting services of Happy Tax Law such as: Establishment of a business, change of business registration, application for a license, intellectual property…;
  • A team of tax agents and lawyers who are knowledgeable about laws and legal procedures always accompanies businesses throughout the process of production and business activities;
  • Happy Tax always commits to take maximum responsibility for the service provided.