Comprehensive tax advice

Large-scale and long-standing companies often have an accounting department in charge of this work. However, at present, 97% of enterprises in Vietnam are small and medium enterprises; in which there are many newly established enterprises and tax accounting work in these enterprises is relatively difficult due to lack of practical experience as well as legal knowledge. In order to help businesses save time and costs in the absence of a specialized accounting department, HappyTax provides a full package of tax accounting services throughout the establishment and business activities of the business with the following services: Wide range of services and reasonable prices.

Package tax accounting service by month, quarter and year

  • Declare and submit monthly/quarterly value added tax (VAT);
  • Declare and submit monthly/quarterly withholding personal income tax (PIT) declarations;
  • Declare and submit corporate income tax (CIT) finalization;
  • Prepare and submit financial statements;
  • Consulting on issues related to accounting and tax regulations suitable for businesses;
  • To guide the accounting staff of the enterprise to update their accounting knowledge and skills in accordance with current legal regulations;
  • Consulting on setting up and perfecting the accounting book system for enterprises in accordance with current laws;
  • on initial insurance declaration procedures for businesses;
  • Representing the business to explain the data at the tax office (if necessary).

Performing well in tax accounting, in addition to specialized knowledge, also requires legal understanding and accompanying procedures. Businesses having difficulties in tax accounting, please contact HappyTax via Hotline: +84 (0)97.427.6660 for legal advice as well as related services to help the business process take place. favorable!